Cobra XRS9370 High-Performance Radar/Laser Detector with 360-Degree Protection

Cobra XRS9370 Radar DetectorMany motorists today engage a good radar detector to detect excess speeds which are also subtly detected by road police using a radar gun. This electronic device is widely used by motorists to prevent law enforcement officers from penalizing them on the road for speeding. A lot of radar detectors are available in the market for motorists to purchase and deploy.

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Cobra XRS9370 Radar Detector General Features

  • The Cobra XRS 9370 14 band radar/laser detector offers an UltraBright data display with an ultra compact design and an improved high performance range to recognize different bands via band identification icons.
  • It features a digital signal strength meter that signals relative proximity of target and a city/highway selector that reduces false frequencies in densely populated urban areas via the IntelliMute relative speed sensing auto-mute system with the IntelliMute Pro feature to cover this detector from possible detection by existing radar detectors.
  • It has an auto mute and night dimmer 360 degree LaserEye detection as well as KU Band Detection with VG-2 undetectable/alert and Spectre1 undetectable/alert.
  • Its Safety Alert feature functions to warn against emergency vehicles and road hazards with a memory function.
  • The Cobra XRS 9370 14 band radar/laser detector is FCC Compliant to offer total protection and peace of mind using Xtreme Range Super heterodyne technology that detects 14 radar/laser bands of higher range than previous models.
  • The IntelliMute relative speed sensing auto-mute system virtually eliminates false alerts, and the IntelliMute Pro feature renders your detector undetectable by currently available radar detector-detectors.
  • This is a basic radar/laser detection unit without the bells and whistles using fast speed sweep circuitry for the extra detection range to provide advanced warning against the fastest radar guns.
  • Users would enjoy better performance by taking off the X- band and the K-band alerts to prevent false alerts but the KA- band refers to the police radar clocking the moving vehicle speed


Cobra XRS9370 Radar Detector Review

  • This Cobra model is very sensitive which offers drivers a better alert from any direction faster with features that can be tailored to fit any area or terrain
  • It comes with an excellent instruction booklet and a user friendly button system for users to be familiar with the system and customize its features to the preferred driving situation
  • This unit is set into action way in advance with audible and visual detection options which could be switched off manually by users by pressing its one-press mute button besides being programmable to shut down on low-RPM movement especially in the city where slow traffic is frequent
  • Its features are dynamic to detect even the rolling radar on police cars as well as new laser units with a fast alert regardless of direction.
  • This is a high performance detector with a new circuitry that operates on faster sweeps compared to previous models. It offers a longer range capability that keeps drivers informed against the fastest radars in the vicinity.
  • It offers 360 degree protection with an increased range for laser detectors for the total protection which drivers would be well satisfied.
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  • This model comes in a very slim design that looks modern and aesthetic
  • It comes with a power cord which could allow an immediate plug in on any car outlet with a sticky Velcro for dashboard mounting and a suction cup for window mounting
  • Cons

    • It is more expensive than other models in the market.
    • Users could be little intimidated by this model’s myriad of functions and features.
    • Users may be annoyed by the long audible alarm in detection to warn of impending radars a distance away.
    • An accurate functioning of this unit requires a clear level line of site to work well.

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    • There is a possibility of false alarms with multiple alerts from automatic doors of shops located just off the highway.
    • The mounting/suction cups could prove to be a challenge to users for a strong grip especially in winter where warm water may be required on the cups to make them more flexible in bending instead of being frozen.
    • Its band indicators could be rather difficult to see during the day
    • The laser detection feature is rigid as an “Instant On” without any defense when it goes off.
    • Certain users may be annoyed with the multiple fake K alerts on highways and in the city. This model may fail to detect police cars parked a little away after a small hill.
    • Users of the cobra did experience true signals on a KA alert but too late.
    • This type of radar detector model may not be permitted in certain states.

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